Moving Office Checklist

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We will conduct a full site survey and provide you with a great quote to meet your needs and budget, covering everything from your furniture move through to IT installation and moving,telephones, servers and everything in between.


Ascertain the full costs of an office relocation.

The things that you don’t often deal with are the areas of a move that can cause the biggest headache. All removal companies would recommend that you consult with a professional mover as early as possible to examine the details of your proposed move and this should avoid some common pitfalls. Most removal companies are happy to provide an estimated cost for your project even where many details are as yet undecided, just make sure that you choose wisely and avoid bringing in multiple companies at an early stage in the process.

Major issues include:

  1. Continued operations during a move
  2. Re-use or purchase new office furniture – consider space planning issues and audit your current set up and new requirements
  3. Floorplate restrictions and regulations, furniture fit and interiors issues
  4. Replace or re-use current IT equipment and how will this transfer safely
  5. Leased and owned items, what to keep and what can be off-hired
  6. Specialist equipment, terms of warranties and similar
  7. Telephone and internet connection and suitability, examine the likely issues and possible delays
  8. Access at both sites, parking for trucks, street hazards and timing implications
  9. Recycling and dilapidations, furniture donations to charity and local start-up businesses
  10. Structured moving schedule and careful planning
  11. Pre-move and post-move support requirements
  12. Plan for contingencies and disruptions

RLS offer free move consultancy, so if you feel that you will benefit from free advice provide by experienced professionals please make use of this no obligation free offer.


Who do you need to inform of the change to your business

2 Months Out

Ensure everything contractual is in place with your new premises and ensure the dimensions of your new floorspace will accommodate all of your plans. If you are uncertain we can supply a free check as part of our service.

1 month out

Resurvey your new premises with your space planner, interiors contractor, furniture contractor and removal contractor ensuring that everything matches your required standard, with no unusual design problems or hazards which may impact the success of move day.

If you have any worries, our space planner can offer alternative scenarios or rejig any problem areas.
Ensure any new office furniture due to be delivered is in local storage prior to your entry date and not left until the last minute.

Three weeks out

Contact all of your suppliers and service providers to let them know you’re moving and will no longer be the bill payer for the old premises.

Notify all relevant clients and update web-engines such as Google with your new address and contact details, you don’t want to miss anything by having the wrong details online.

Contact old and new neighbours, it is surprising how helpful they can be.

Two weeks out

Ensure broadband, servers and IT capabilities are in place, This is a priority!

  • Arrange a number forwarding service for your current telephone number to your new premises.
  • Set up a postal redirection to your new premises.
  • Ensure that your current office facilities are left clean and undamaged to avoid any extra charges upon leaving, we can assist you with dilapidations.
  • Have a contingency plan for storage and business readiness in the event of disaster recovery due to unforeseen problems./li>

One week out

  • RLS can deliver your crates and provide packers where necessary
  • RLS can set up your servers, cables and wiring to allow for business as usual.
  • RLS can plan our resource for our movers, fitters and IT relocations experts to get you up and running in record time
  • Ask your cleaners to do one final clean of the old office to be sure you leave it in a good condition for your landlord, RLS will clean up following the move.
  • Add a P.S. message to your e-mail

The day in question!

Sit back, knowing your job is in the safest pair of hands. Whilst it is undoubtedly daunting to move premises, everything will have been covered by our extensive methodologies to ensure that you will have zero issues come game day. Business As Usual.