Desktop IT Moves

Install, Move, Add and Change

We will – at all times – ensure minimum on-site disruption. Our highly trained and attentive staff will ensure that the service you would like to receive is the service delivered.

Desktop IT Moving Services

With our experienced staff, custom built vehicles, innovative handling equipment and bespoke packing materials we make the relocation process safe, compliant, seamless and successful.

Desktop IT Relocations

Our desktop relocation service is second to none. In short, our team will conduct a comprehensive pre-move audit of the IT moving and the desktop configuration for each staff member. Our operatives will then decommission, protect and move all goods to their new location. They will then be recommissioned at their new location to the same configuration as the user had previously while this is tracked using the audit data. Full testing to log-in prompt or application start-up will be carried out as standard.
This transfer process will be reflected in IT transfer sheets which show the chain of custody for each item moving and the order of the goods when they were collected, moved and then recommissioned.

Auditing and Asset Management

Knowing just how much you have of what and where you have it is vital to any company. This is also true for your IT. When planning a move, or planning a purchase, it’s vital to know whether you have it there, somewhere, or you need to purchase new. At RLS we will audit your entire site, marking up exactly what you have, where it’s located and the condition it’s in.

You will receive a comprehensive list of your IT assets, based on make and serial number by location, user and general condition. We will then asset tag each item for future reference, giving them a unique ID which makes them easily identifiable within spreadsheets and floor plans.

We will return periodically, at your request to keep the document up-to-date and update the condition and user details .


Install, Move, Add and Change is one of the services provided here at RLS. We like to provide a comprehensive service so that we can minimise hassle and disruption to your working day by taking that hassle onto ourselves. We are happy to install hardware, move hardware and add and change software or hardware as you require it.

We will – at all times – ensure minimum on-site disruption. Our highly trained and attentive staff will ensure that the service you would like to receive is the service delivered.
RLS’ IMAC Services include:


  • Remove all packaging and install your new system
  • Attach peripheral equipment.
  • Perform standardised start-up tests to log-on prompt
  • Remove all packaging and unsightly mess from site


  • Carefully disconnect existing IT, including any peripherals.
  • Label each individual piece of IT kit
  • Wrap your equipment within protective anti-static bubble bags, in preparation for move
  • Place all cables, keyboard and mouse in individual cable bags
  • Move from existing location to new location in protective flight-cases
  • Unpack and recommission the equipment, hook up all peripherals, ensuring correct desktop orientation
  • Run functionality and internet connectivity testing
  • Remove all packaging and unsightly mess from site


  • Hardware – installing additional peripherals or storage devices and necessary drivers to an in-use IT kit. Performing standardised testing to ensure the device is operational.
  • Software – installing requested software and perform testing to ensure it is functional and operational.


  • Hardware – performing system modifications for functionality and ensuring that everything is operational.
  • Software – performing a modification to existing software ensuring functionality and operational.

Cable Management

Tired of unsightly cables, annoying trip hazards and an under-desk spaghetti junction? We have the answer.

One of our trained technicians will come in, perform a full audit of the current under desking condition and propose potential cable management solutions with you. Once a solution has been agreed, our technicians will track, trace and re-route all cabling to ensure you have a clean, mess-free desking area with cables neatly tucked away. All unnecessary cabling will be removed and returned to yourself, or disposed of where appropriate.

Redundant IT and Electrical services

Secure IT and ethical electrical goods disposal is another component of RLS’ service package. Many people are unaware of the data which can be extracted from an improperly disposed of device. The risk to your operational data is minimal when the correct disposal procedure is followed. Electrical goods also fall under the WEEE directive. It’s important to ensure that anything which is disposed of is done in line with your regulatory duties. We have trusted electrical recycling partners with whom we have long standing relationships and a track record of successful secure IT disposal.