Move Management

Over 30 years’ experience in the industry

our Move and Project Managers will ensure everything goes to plan.


RLS was borne out of a shared passion for relocations and doing them well. We want to ensure your move is successful and offers you choice, flexibility and control.

Move & Project Management

On larger projects, the scale of planning will always increase. That is where our expert move and project managers come in. Aligning themselves to your project from day one, they will ensure KPIs are met, deadlines are kept and strategic operational goals are constantly developed and achieved. They will liaise with the people who know most about the move (the strategic planning team and the teams that are moving!) ensuring that they are an important and valued piece within the relocations process.
With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, our Move and Project Managers will ensure everything goes to plan.

Our full move management services include:

  • Space and accommodation planning
  • Adapting your current environment
  • Ongoing KPI assessment
  • Stakeholder Involvement scheduling
  • Planning and implementation
  • Resourcing and Activity Scheduling
  • Business As Usual support
  • Filing, furniture, asset and equipment audits
  • Strategy Development
  • Site handover
  • Ethical and Environmentally friendly planning

Our 5 Step Movement Management Process.

  1. Move Installation
    • Outline project proposal & scope
    • Set up project move team: IT, property and facilities management, key client representatives / move champions
    • Set up strategy workshops
    • Organise communications planning
    • Define move strategy with client
  2. Project Design & Planning
    • Set up a move programme working document & define move sequence and dependencies
    • Collate move data sheets by individual including location, name, equipment, IT, health and safety
    • Organise meeting with client representatives / move champions
    • Carry out storage management and audits
    • Storage reporting
  3. Procurement
    • Procurement process of relocation and FF&E services
    • Detail specialist relocations
  4. Implementation / Physical Relocation
    • Pre move plans
    • Space plan sign off
    • Finalise move data sheet
    • Development of move packs
    • Storage reduction (‘dump your junk programme’)
    • Carry out condition surveys
    • Labelling works
    • Site preparation & protection
    • Crate and material deliveries
    • Site access & security review
    • Issue move guidelines to relevant departments
  5. Move
    • Move communication packs issued to staff
    • Ready to move meetings
    • Coordination and management of move activities
  6. Post move
    • Post move support team on site
    • Sign off by client representative
  7. Project Evaluation
    • Post move review with move champions
    • Evaluation of relocation with client team and stakeholders