Office & Environmental Clearance, Community Re-use

RLS will provide a detailed dilapidation plan and return your office to a neutral state, in line with all ethical, regulatory and corporate responsibilities.


RLS was borne out of a shared passion for relocations and doing them well. We want to ensure your move is successful and offers you choice, flexibility and control.

Office Clearance

When you move to your new home, you may not always want to take everything with you. Old and outdated furniture can prove more hindrance than help in an office. RLS will provide a detailed dilapidation plan and return your office to a neutral state, in line with all ethical, regulatory and corporate responsibilities.

We will liaise with your team to work out when the development requires handed back to the landlord and draw up a strategic plan to ensure all goods are off-site and the office returned to its original state well in advance of handover, preventing any unseemly issues in this respect.
We will ensure a no-landfill approach.

Environmental Clearance

Ethical disposal is now a key component of being a modern mover. Companies, Governments and everyone in between now has incumbent duties to ensure they are doing their part to help their environment.
Leave the hard part to us. With our fully audited supply chain and unwanted furniture channels, we will ensure landfill is a thing of the past. We will recycle in line with all relevant regulations and to ISO 14001 standard.

You will be provided with a full audit trail for anything which is recycled and can utilise this in any CSR documentation you wish to produce in future.

Community Re-use

RLS hold and re-deliver – at our own cost – previously redundant office furniture from our blue-chip clients to small enterprises, charities and start-ups within the Central Belt, free-of-charge. This helps overcome on of the main challenges faced by start-ups and charities in that a furniture budget is often very low on their list of priorities, but furniture is necessary for their operation to grow and flourish.

Furniture recycling –

The Company operations are centred on the recycling of waste wood as well as green waste, which is composted at Hespin Wood. Located close to large urban centres, these facilities collect and process household and commercial green waste and wood waste, to produce high-grade compost and recycled wood fibre for use in panelboard mills and as an effective biomass fuel for power generation.

The Wood products are processed by utilising slow and high speed shredders, ECS and various screening technologies to achieve the processed material.

The products produced are:
  • A-Grade Biomass
  • Timber chip for board manufacturers
  • Low-Grade Biomass
  • Racehorse Gallop Surface
  • Equine Arena Surface
  • Cattle & Sheep Bedding
  • Woodland Walkway Surface
  • Dairy Cubical Bedding (Hespin Only)

Plastic recycling

  • We recycle all types of plastic
  • We have been sourcing, recovering, recycling and trading plastic across Scotland since 2003.
  • We have over 40 years industry experience and our expertise ensures that we are able to successfully recycle, process and supply plastics to the highest standards.
  • We recycle all types of plastic recovered from a range of applications including injection moulding, vacuum forming, sheet extrusion, rotational moulding and compounding.
  • We work with clients from a broad range of sectors to reduce their waste by recycling materials that would otherwise go to landfill.
  • We supply recovered plastics to a number of industries. Our plastic products are used by the the likes of vacuum forming, packaging, construction sectors and more.
  • We can collect and transport bulk materials and uplift larger loads, we can provide industrial cages or containers for easy collection & transportation of materials. We can offer any size container from a pallet size cage to a 40-cubic yard skip and transportation from a Van to a 45ft curtain-sider.
  • In addition to the services we offer, we also recycle cardboard and paper grade material, supply baling and compaction equipment and also offer onsite recycling services, all tailored to your requirements.
  • We are committed to protecting the environment by providing responsible recycling services.
  • We recover and recycle plastic waste from various applications that would otherwise become landfill.
  • Our hands on approach to recycling allows our clients to save money and in turn save on ever increasing landfill taxes and high transportation costs. This offers a cost effective approach for the recycling of your waste.